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Once upon a time (on 1.11 cuz angel numbers), I stopped by a local bike store to ask about the e-bike I decided to order because they were sold out online. I felt like a kid on Christmas having not had a bike in 20 plus years!

Evidently, this new entry level E-bike is so popular that they are backordered until June except the 3 he had coming in supposedly last the EXACT color I desired: ZINFANDEL which couldn’t be more perfect given the copious amounts of wine that sister and I drink in this life chapter.

I bought it that day (with a bell) and was told it would be ready by the weekend but then received an email on Friday stating it was delayed, but would most likely be ready on Monday.


Tuesday nada until a late night email from Trek stating my bike was registered.

So, after my hours of Inauguration Day joy binge watching, I ventured out to see if she was assembled, charged, and ready feeling intuitively that she was.

Little did I know during the days of delays that the perfect day to pick up my beautiful, joy-inducing purple-toned bike would be TODAY given that the color took on so much additional meaning on Inauguration Day.

We took our first #hoperide that afternoon and, of course, it was an exceptionally-clear-for-LA day. ️

So grateful.

So hopeful.

Meet ‘Unity’ everyone.

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