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My Musings on our Minutes

A week ago today, a friend shared with me that BOTH of his parents had transitioned the day prior.

Read it again.

BOTH parents on the same day.

4 weeks ago today, a young man and beautiful creator I knew a decade ago and followed his blossoming career ever since became an Angel.

This trifecta of transition has accelerated my eagerness to ask you:


...and to share why a thoughtful consideration of such means so much to me.

My love affair with minutes began on April 5, 2006. My appreciation of them, that is. That day was Tessabella’s ‘Miracle Day’—the day she took a walk on the expressway, had her pelvis shattered, and began her healing journey and coming back to thriving...

...and she thrived and loved for another 7,640,000 minutes.

A fact that very little people know is that when she was hospitalized in November, I made a choice to invest almost 5 figures to heal her as much as possible in that moment and bring her home—so that the remaining minutes of her Earthly life could be full of oodles of love, stroller walks, all night poop parties, and bougie beach lunches (she loved swanky outdoor dining). I invested $122/hour or $2/minute for those 72 hours. Some may think i was crazy given that I knew the outcome we were ultimately very close to. Truth be told, I would have paid a million for them. They were some of the greatest moments of connection she and I shared in our 17 year soul walk. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

My intention in sharing is to ask you to join me in a deep breathe and perhaps a universal pause:

Bringing our awareness back to the fact that we ultimately get to choose how we invest every single minute of our lives (as if they were actual physical currency) and that the investment of those minutes is sacred and precious. Each is a choice in terms of what we prioritize and ultimately what creates JOY within us.

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