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ObTESSed with LOVE

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

One of my favorite things Tess has taught me: You get to choose whether or not you accept the limiting beliefs (and sometimes lovingly intended but still bullshit) that other souls project onto you. You do not have to accept it or take it on. You get to review it—as if it were a shirt you’re considering buying—and decide if you are going to take the next step and try it on or take the further step of buying and then wearing it. You are ALWAYS in the power of choice at a cellular and soul level. Case in point: Tess celebrated her half birthday (yes, we love joy and celebrate them in our family) today. 16.5 effing years. She enjoyed a delicious biscuit brunch. She exchanged love with a dozen or more humans and two pups. She has never been super interested in accepting any energy or limiting beliefs about how her life should go given her shattered pelvis at age 2. She chooses to own the miracle that she is daily. She demands lots of love and lots of joy. She has never had to be on any medication consistently. She has an extremely powerful energy that refuses to take on any limiting beliefs that occasionally are projected onto her. It’s like she has an incredible shield of energetic protection. She’s a badass in so many ways. May she remind you that you are so powerful and you get to choose. #obTESSed

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