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I compose with people—creating and curating with human ‘notes’ is my jam. It’s my opus. It’s pretty much my favorite thing in the world to do, and I hope I get to continue to do it for the rest of my lifetime. 


What is NetWEAVING?       

NetWEAVING is a word that came to me in 2012 in meditation. It is connecting for the sake of connecting vs. with attachment to the outcome—as if you are gathering beautiful colorful threads of fabric to your life and/or business tapestry. NetWEAVING is authentic, grounded at the moment, and present. It embodies an openness for future collaboration without an immediate emphasis or stress on transaction. NetWEAVING trusts that will play out in divine timing if meant to. Why I LOVE it: it’s a more feminine approach to connecting with other humans. It both metaphorically and literally takes the ‘work’ out of it. 


One of my favorite things to do in the world is curate experiences that bring incredible people together in person. I have produced live events spanning multiple days with 200 women from 4 continents in attendance as well cozy small group masterminds over wine and cheese. Every live NetWEAVING experience takes on a life of it’s own. These experiences—whether big or small—are incubators for attendees to learn, delve more deeply into their purpose, and connect with aligned souls who just might become their soul family.


Check back soon for upcoming live and virtual (cuz COVID) event news.




“Wendy has a magical way of bringing women together and facilitating life-altering conversations and experiences.


I embarked on a new life path the day I attended her NetWEAVING event and will never miss a chance to play in her creative, inspiring, spaces as she has the ability to curate in a way that inspires each woman who attends to live her best life!”

- Libby Rector Snipe
Director of Marketing, Arlington Federal Credit Union

“Dream Big is perhaps the best way to describe Wendy. In 2016, I had the opportunity to speak at one of her larger events she hosted in NYC. 


Wendy curated a weekend where incredible women shared, grew, and learned together. She brought together women of different backgrounds and expertise from all over the world! That weekend reminded us that we all need to continue to dream bigger than we can see.”

- Deanna Rockefeller
Global Business Development, Lockheed Martin

“I had the distinct pleasure of co-hosting an event with Wendy for International Women’s Day in 2019. Wendy was instrumental in creating a clear vision, handling logistics, and executing an incredible evening. I could not have asked for a better partner to collaborate with on such an important event!”

- Lacey Marx
Director of Sales, Thalassa Journeys

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