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Are You a Seasoned--this is NOT Your First Rodeo-Business?

Is your brand an established socially impactful brand? If so, I will work with you to create and implement a customized solution to help your brand get to the next level in the arena in which you desire growth. My specialties are as follows:

•Guiding web-based businesses on how to launch a Retail Pop-Up

•Brand Launches/Store Openings

•Hiring, Vetting, and Retaining Engaged Talent

•Raising Seed Funding, Crowd-Funding, and Friend-Raising

•Face to Face Community and Client Engagement

•Sales Strategy

•Assessment of Leveragable Assets


Do you have a BIG DREAM that you desire to make a reality but don't know where to begin re next steps?

If you are a solopreneur with a dream that keeps you awake at night or an early stage business you’ve created, this program is a great place to start.


I am ‘gifting’ $528,000 in scholarships to what would normally be a 5k program to those not necessarily in a place financially to afford 1:1 coaching—but COMPLETELY in a place in terms of readiness to uplevel and show up more impactfully personally and professionally; being at an inflection point in one’s life and/or biz where the idea of 1:1 support in combination with a degree of group support and the desire to commit to showing up daily for 90 days feel aligned/like a HELL YES. Possible ripple effect/spillover products include a book and/or documentary film (ideally driven by participants).

Program Details:

  • 90 day 1:1 Program with group support for one year

  • Partial Scholarship (up to 90%) based on alignment and need

  • Application Based

  • Willingness to ‘go for 100 ‘no’s’/make 100 INTENTIONAL ASKS and document/track process

“Wendy is a dynamic and optimistic thought leader. I had an amazing experience at her NetWEAVING event in Washington, DC. I wish that all networking events were as engaging and interactive as hers.”


Founder Happy Trees Entertainment

- Daraja Asili

“Our company hired Wendy to quarterback the front lines of our first ever Holiday Retail Pop-Up in SoHo NYC in 2017. Wendy’s leadership and strategic advise were key in hiring the right team, balancing inventory levels, and ultimately achieving profitability during our first Go at a retail scenario for our brand. We were so pleased with the results Wendy delivered in 2017 that we hired her to advise us for a second holiday season in 2018 to launch multiple Chicago retail pop ups and provide guidance to our NYC pop up as well.”

CEO/Chief Squisher Squishable

- Aaron Glazer

“I hired Wendy to advise us on optimizing our sales at the 2018 Major League Baseball All Star Fanfest and were thrilled with the results.” 

CEO/Founder, S. Preston Art + Designs

- Preston Chuchon

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