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Super Ever After

Consulting & Coaching

My mission is to empower 24 Million people to create their SUPER Ever After—versus the ‘happily ever after’ that society sells us—and to encourage each of us to honor and embrace the fact that we are simultaneously MESSY and MAGICAL each and every day and that both are not only perfect but critically important to our journey and our fulfillment of purpose in this lifetime. What would SUPER Ever After feel like for you?


My Zones of Genius

Strategic Coaching



Moving & Raising Millions

Customized Plans


 I love helping socially impactful brands grow and develop, with over two decades of experience in building businesses. 

“Wendy is a dynamic and optimistic thought leader. I had an amazing experience at her NetWEAVING event in Washington, DC. I wish that all networking events were as engaging and interactive as hers.”


Founder Happy Trees Entertainment

- Daraja Asili

“Our company hired Wendy to quarterback the front lines of our first ever Holiday Retail Pop-Up in SoHo NYC in 2017. Wendy’s leadership and strategic advise were key in hiring the right team, balancing inventory levels, and ultimately achieving profitability during our first Go at a retail scenario for our brand. We were so pleased with the results Wendy delivered in 2017 that we hired her to advise us for a second holiday season in 2018 to launch multiple Chicago retail pop ups and provide guidance to our NYC pop up as well.”

CEO/Chief Squisher Squishable

- Aaron Glazer

“I hired Wendy to advise us on optimizing our sales at the 2018 Major League Baseball All Star Fanfest and were thrilled with the results.” 

CEO/Founder, S. Preston Art + Designs

- Preston Chuchon

Working Together

If doing so feels like a HELL YES for you, then let's get started!

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